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GitHub Enterprise

With flexible security, compliance, and deployment controls for organizations, your team can use GitHub Enterprise wherever you need it to be.

  • ✓Self-hosted or cloud-hosted
  • ✓SAML single sign-on
  • ✓Access provisioning
  • ✓Simplified account administration
  • ✓Unified search and contributions
  • ✓Priority support
  • ✓99.95% uptime SLA for Enterprise Cloud
  • ✓Invoice billing
  • ✓Advanced auditing
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    Choose Enterprise Cloud to work alongside 31 million developers right here on, or start your free Enterprise Server trial to deploy GitHub to your own servers, AWS, Azure, or GCP.

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    Trusted by more than 2.1M* businesses and organizations

  • Airbnb
  • IBM
  • SAP
  • PayPal
  • Spotify
  • Bloomberg
  • * As of November 2018

    “Transparency helps us vet the best ideas no matter where they come from and GitHub helps us scale that.”

    Lindsay Young, Mapbox

    “Using GitHub is part of a larger investment in developer happiness and building product.”

    Mike Champion, HubSpot

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    GitHub Connect

    Cloud, meet Server

    Unify your developers’ experiences across GitHub, wherever you host your Enterprise instance. GitHub Connect brings the power of the world’s largest open source community to teams who have advanced security requirements.

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    Unified search

    Search for code, issues, and more from millions of open source projects alongside your private projects—all from within your Enterprise Server instance.

    Learn more about unified search

    Unified business identity

    Manage multiple GitHub organizations from a single account with streamlined billing, licensing, permissions, and policy settings.

    In private beta

    Unified contributions

    Allow developers to connect their open source and Enterprise profiles, so they can more fully represent the public and private projects they’ve worked on.

    Learn more about unified contributions

    Collaboration for teams

    A smarter way to work together

    Plan, build, review, and ship software at work—all while tracking bugs and discussing ideas.

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    Have conversations next to your code

    You don’t have to switch tools to review code, share input on projects, or open up the conversation to the rest of your team.

    Learn more about reviewing code on GitHub

    Discover and reuse code

    Search across projects and issues to find, reuse, and ship code faster. Improve it along the way, and everyone wins.

    Find and fix issues faster

    Greater visibility into your organization’s code helps you squash bugs before they make it to production. And with integrated issue tracking, you can keep your team on top of fixes.

    Learn more about project management on GitHub


    Security without compromise

    Enforcing your security policies doesn’t have to complicate the way you work. Develop software according to your organization’s needs without overburdening your process.

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    Support critical policies

    Know who authored code or pushed a commit, automate compliance workflows, and protect branches from accidental changes.

    Choose your authentication method

    Encourage teamwork while enforcing essential controls for employees and contractors with support for two-factor authentication and SAML single sign-on.

    Build secure code

    Detect security vulnerabilities, scan for credentials, and fix problems before they reach production.

    Learn more about security for businesses


    Effortless administration

    Growing your team should be exciting, not distracting. We’ve made setup and scaling easy so you can focus on what counts.

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    Get started faster

    With easy setup and onboarding, your team will be writing code, fixing bugs, and bringing the next big idea to life in no time.

    Grow your team

    Whether you’re a team of two or an organization of thousands, onboarding and managing users is hassle-free.

    Gain visibility into how teams work

    Help developers work better together with data from audits and monitoring dashboards.

    Give the right amount of access

    Teams can access exactly what they need to do their work with GitHub teams, organizations, and centralized permissions.

    Customize with APIs

    Make GitHub your own with customizations that ensure quality, reduce risk, and integrate trusted apps.

    See what’s possible with APIs

    Flexible hosting

    Host GitHub where you need it

    Get the same GitHub experience whether you’re hosting in the cloud, on your servers, or on Amazon Web Services, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform.

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    Enterprise Server 2.16
    is here

    Help developers save time, and simplify your team and repository administration with our latest release.

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