Getting Started with Microsoft Dynamics AX

This section contains information that will get you started in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

  • Updated and additional developer documentation for Microsoft Dynamics AX can be found at the Microsoft Dynamics AX Developer Center on the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN).

  • For new and updated documentation for administrators, see the Microsoft TechNet site Microsoft Dynamics AX Online.

  • For new and updated documentation for developers, see AX 2009 SDK Updates on MSDN.

  • This section contains the following topics:



    Contains information about the new features and documentation that are available in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

    Contains walkthroughs of typical developer scenarios that you can use as an introduction to the development environment or as the first steps towards your own solutions in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

    Contains a list of development references that you can use for learning more about object-oriented development.

    Contains information about videos for Microsoft Dynamics AX developers. Links are also provided.